Home Medic Alert Phone

Freedom Alert 2 Way Emergency Pendant Communicator

No contracts, carrying costs or monthly fees

Call the emergency contacts that you choose or the 911 operator

Wireless coverage of up to 600 feet

Now answers incoming calls

New F7 Technology for 911 Call Forwarding

The Wearable Home Emergency Phone is available for only $268.00 USD

Includes pendant, base station, lanyard, belt clip, rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and an emergency back-up battery for the base station

What will happen if you fall and can’t get to a telephone?

If you or a loved one had a medical emergency while alone at home, would you be able to reach the phone to call for help? The Wearable Home Emergency Phone
is your first alert life line to family member or a 911 Operator.

Who needs an Emergency Medical Alert Phone?

The Freedom Alert Phone is ideal for anyone living along, or spending time alone, and concerned about personal safety, especially seniors with mobility
concerns. Anyone at risk should never be without a medic alert communication system. Emergencies happen in seconds and getting help quickly is extremely
important. The life line to call help is a small, easily carried medical alert speakerphone, conveniently worn as a pendant or clipped to your belt.

How does it work?

To install the Freedom Alert Phone, simply connect the base station to any phone outlet and electrical outlet in your home. A Splitter is included, so the
outlet remains available for use. Fit the battery into the pendant, and you’re ready to start programming. Take a few minutes to easily program up to 4
contact numbers, or set to 911 only.

In an emergency, press the activation button on the pendent to initiate a call to your contact numbers. With our 911 Forwarding feature, a friend or family
member can simply dial 911 from their phone while still on the line. The unit will then automatically hand up and dial emergency services. If the
programmed contacts are unreachable, the system can default to call an emergency 911 operator.

The emergency automatic phone dialer can be a potential lifesaver and life line for seniors, singles, baby sitters or anyone who may be faced with an
accident, illness or a dangerous situation.

What happens if I am unable to speak?

If you are unable to speak, the Freedom Alert Phone can still give the 911 operators your location by utilizing a caller ID function. You can feel safer
knowing that your location is known before you speak.

Should I wear the Freedom Alert Phone pendent while sleeping?

No. To prevent accidental activation, do not wear the pendant while sleeping. Instead of wearing the pendant while sleeping, place the pendant within easy
reach of your bed, on a nearby stand or table.


  • The Freedom Medic Alert phone is a simple, direct solution when you need help.
  • Requires no monthly subscriptions, or service fees.
  • Two-way communication capabilities means you can speak directly to your contact person or the 911 Operator
  • Audible prompts and confirmations during set-up and testing
  • Program up to 4 personal contacts
  • Slide switch on unit allows you to select from 3 modes:
    • Call up to 4 custom contacts
    • Call up to 4 custom contacts & then emergency 911
    • Call 911 directly
  • Pendent can be worn comfortably around your neck with the included lanyard or carry it in your pocket or clipped to your belt.
  • Water-resistant pendant is splash proof and may be taken into the shower or bath, but it should never be completely submerged or in the direct shower stream.
  • The Freedom Alert emergency phone is approved for us for 911 calls in all 50 States and in Canada
  • No charging necessary, a replaceable AAA alkaline battery (included) in the pendant lasts up to 1 year in standby or for up to 30 minutes of talk time.
  • System test and battery test functions
  • 24 hour emergency battery back-up
  • The Freedom Medic Alert Phone comes with a 12 month limited warranty
  • OPTIONAL Emergency Wall Communicator can be mounted in the shower.


Size of pendant – 3.9 inches high, 1.9 inches wide, and 0.75 inches thick
Operating frequency – 900 MHz
Range – 600 feet (183 meters), line-of-sight, when worn around the neck
Battery life – up to 1 year standby or up to 30 minutes talk time
FCC, DOC and CSA approved, ETL listed
Splash resistant to JIS 6 standard
One year limited warranty
Use with home phone line, not for use with cell phones.

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